BCN3D Omega I60

Gepubliceerd op 1 oktober 2023 om 09:52

The purpose-driven Omega I60 from BCN3D aims to take over the shop floor with focused materials and a new heated chamber.

The Omega is bigger, sturdier, and has a heated chamber and bed to make quick work (300 mm/s) of dimensionally accurate tooling in heavy-duty materials, such as carbon fiber nylon. It has an integrated filament dryer for when you forget to put your materials away and an easy-swap nozzle change feature.

BCN3D took what users loved about the Epsilon — like the independent dual extruders (IDEX), XYZ autocalibration, and, let’s not forget, the affordable price tag — and fortified it into a shop-floor workhorse.

The I60, which is an open-material platform (no fees), will sell for just over $20K, making it one of the most affordable, higher-temp FDMs on the market. Let’s take a closer look.

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